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1) Forms of payment include:

  • Cash
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Direct Billing to Company(once account has been set up with The Erwin Motel)
  • Company Check
  • 2) Guests with Pets
    We adore pets and understand the value and love that they bring to many people's lives. For many years we had a dog that greeted our guests and developed many special relationships with those returning. We try to find that balance between welcoming our guests with pets while not compromising the experience of those without. The following guidelines have helped us to do just that:

    a) We welcome dogs, birds, and others on a case-by-case basis. We do NOT allow CATS at all.

    b) Dogs are not to be heard by other guests. Experiences such as barking at distractions [guests voices, cars, guests passing by outside the room] may be frightening and disturbing and will not be tolerated.

    c) Cleaning up after your pet is a Must. There is a field and cul de sac for leashed walks.

    d) A Deposit of $10 per stay is required for any unexpected, pet related cleaning incidentals.

    e) A fee of $10 per stay is required for standard pet-related room cleaning and will be added to the room charge upon check-in.
    f)Please notify us upon reservation or check if you plan to bring your pet. We prefer to limit guest stays with pets to 2-3 nights but exceptions may be made, upon request of the management on a case-by-case basis.

    3)Company Rates
    We value our guests on business and do all we can to accommodate your visit including working with your company to arrange a rate to keep you coming back.

    Company Rates are consistently less than our daily rates and the discount fluctuates based on peak and off-peak times. If possible, prior to your visit, contact us via the attached
    with the details of your reservation so we may determine an appropriate rate for your company and your stay.

    4) Company BillingPlease complete the and forward it to the Erwin Motel, via Fax or Mail, prior to your visit. The request will be reviewed. Please be prepared to pay for your first visit, as often the approval of Direct Billing process is not completed prior to your initial stay.

    5) Extended StaysWe value our guests vesting on extended stays and understand their special needs. Additionally, we offer incentive rates on extended stays. These rates are determined by The Erwin Motel based on a number of factors. Please contact them directly or via a to details of your visit.

    6) Deposits and CancellationsAs we are a family run business, without the financial safety net of a corporation we do ask that guests familiarize themselves with our deposit and cancellation policies.

    a) We require at least one night's deposit on all visits.

    b) It is not required that the form of deposit be the form of payment upon arrival.

    c) Deposits are refundable with 4 days notice on Peak Periods (for example, if arriving on Friday, cancellation required on Monday). Notice should be confirmed with a live person at The Erwin Motel or in writing via confirmed fax.

    d) Deposits are refundable with 1 days notice on Off-Peak Periods. Notice should be confirmed with a live person at The Erwin Motel or written via fax.

    e) At this time we do not assess a cancellation fee and will refund your full cancellation when c & d are met which best allows us a 4/1day rebooking window.

    f) Should circumstances not allow you to provide us the required 4/1-day (rebooking window) for cancellations, your deposit will not refunded. However, we are able to resell your room, we WILL refund your deposit in good faith.

    7) Check in and Check out
    We try to be as flexible as possible to meet our guests' needs without becoming inefficient to our business or staff. Please let us know your needs as soon as possible. Check-in 1 :00 PM Check-out 11 :00 AM

    8) Group RatesWe are always delighted to accommodate groups. Our special setting is an ideal locate for your group. We often host, Softball Teams, Church Groups, Sportsmen Organizations, Wedding Guests, Running Clubs, and many others. Based on your needs we will present you with incentive rates for you ran your group. Please complete a , so we may contact you with details regarding your needs.

    9) ParkingWe have plenty of complimentary and well-lit parking. Buses, Vans, Tractor-trailers, trailers of all kinds as well as most other vehicles are easily accommodated.

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