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Samuel Erwin, who is said to have founded the Town of Erwin, which includes the hamlet of Painted Post and borders the City of Corning, NY, originally built the Erwin Motel.

The property functioned as an Inn and Trading Post for travelers in the late 1800's. Since then just a few families have owned this property and have continued to mold its offerings to meet the changing needs of travelers, both domestic and foreign.

The Addison Road in Painted Post was part of the Susquehanna Trail in 1890. It was a route that wound through Pennsylvania and New York, then south to its terminus in Washington, D.C. Weary travelers would climb down from the stagecoach and rest at the home that is ' now the Erwin Motel.

The motels 1+ acres were originally part of a large land area that had been added to Samuel Erwin, a pioneer settler. He owned the property from 1839-1857. The New York and Erie Railroad acquired a right of way from the Erwins in 1840. After it left the Erwin estate, the land changes hands a few more times.

The white house (owner's residence), built over a century ago, became a motel in 1950. A year later 25 rooms were added.

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